"I create out of love for life and beautiful things...knowing that harmony and beauty generate positive vibrations which spread like circles on the water...”

Sometimes I stop to think about our journey and I ask myself what is its meaning and where it is supposed to lead us... I was a lawyer and  a teacher..I don’t know why I got into this world made of shapes, colors and stones which carry the ancient energy of the earth…but I do know I belong here.

Harmony, proportion, beauty, bewilderment...these are and have always been my vibes.  Quietly and contentedly enough, I was going through the "standard" path that I had "chosen" as a young girl. I was completely unaware of who I was and convinced to be the woman that others saw in me...maybe that was the route that I was supposed to take to finally get where I am now..

Many small great things contributed to my epiphany but the birth of my baby girl was the event that definitively expanded my limited horizons and gave me new eyes. My baby, the overwhelming experience of bringing her into this world, have filled me with an unexpected strength, a new sweet powerful light. There was too much joy to be afraid...so I jumped into the unknown to shout my happiness to the world and to create something just for her and for me: an excited mother.

I left behind my job and the many years of studies but I have no regrets!

Since I stepped into this new world, I have had to deal with many shut doors and unpleasant people but I have also found warmth, acceptance and kindness...too many strange coincidences have happened and I have ended being wrapped up in this journey. I still remember the words of one of the first people that I have met on my way: "I saw many people starting like this..some of them are famous now"..he was the man who took me to buy my first pincers..now he is one of my suppliers.

This is how it started back in 2009…for fun, from a simple idea: I wanted to wear a starry sky. I made the first stars necklace with my own hands and, soon after that, the "lettering" necklace with the name of Elena Sofia on it..my baby..my sky. At first it was just for me, then for my friends, then the first clothing stores have started to contact me...coincidence after coincidence, idea after idea, the brand and the company Maman et Sophie was born.

In 2012 my husband left the family business to join me in my journey..at the time we served 15 stores, now they are more than 100 and we keep growing every day, fueled by our love for life and beautiful things.

I do not know where this path is taking us but it is exciting, intense and challenging at the same time. Hopefully, it will lead me toward those who share my desire to grow, risk, look beyond the surface, fly...maybe I will be able to help someone to find the courage to do this.

In the meantime, we promise, through our creative impulse, to instill a drop of positive energy in the tumultuous sea of this struggling world..the powerful energy of the love of a mother for her children.

Thank you all!!!